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More information on the Maine Coon breed:



The name of this breed is derived from the name of the area where it originated, the state of Maine in the USA. The second part of the name, Coon, comes from the cats’ resemblance to raccoons. These cats have long, very hairy tails that look like the tails of raccoons. Most likely, this breed started off when various cat breeds, which came on ships heading to North America, mated with local shorthaired cats.



Maine Coon Cat is the largest breed among all domestic breeds. Males weigh around 9 to 12kg (20-26lb) and females weigh from 5 to 7kg (11-15lb). This breed tends to be very friendly and always cheerful. These cats get along with dogs without any problems. Maine Coons belongs among semi-longhaired breeds. They have a shiny, smooth coat and they do not need as much care as longhaired cats because their coat does not tend to ravel. It is sufficient to comb the cat once a week, e.g. during play time.The Maine Coon is very playful and curios, but at the same time, it can be lazy and slow. That is when it is ready to cuddle up in his/her owner’s lap. This breed adapts very well and loves its human family without reservations.


Breed Standards:

Body: The Maine Coon Cat has a bulky, muscular body with a rectangular appearance. Nowadays, large, strong cats with long bodies are preferred.

Head: Head should be medium in width with square outlines, a slightly arched forehead and a somewhat incavated nose. A distinct junction between the cheek bones and the muzzle, a strong chin in straight line with the nose and the upper lip are desired. Ears should be large, wide at base, tapering to appear pointed. Fluffs of hair growing from the inside of the ear out and “lynx teasels” on the tips of the ears are most wanted.Eyes are large, somewhat oval with slightly oblique settings.

Legs & Feet: Legs are strong, of medium length; paws are round, well-tufted between toes.

Tails: Tail should be as long as possible. It should be at least as long as the body from shoulder blades to the base of the tail. Tail is wide at its base and tapering. Tail fur is long and flowing.

Coat: Coat is thick; shorter on the shoulders and longer on the stomach, britches, back legs, and the tail. Frontal ruff is desirable.Texture is silky with coat falling smoothly.

Colors: Maine Coons can come in any natural color with markings or without, with any amount of white, and even with silver markings. Cats showing evidence of hybridization resulting in the colors chocolate, lavender, the Himalayan pattern, or unpatterned agouti on the body are disqualified. The cat’s quality is always preferred to its size.